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Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

••6 degrees of separation••

here's a small tidbit of unimportant yet nonetheless mildy entertaining info about John Roberts, CBS Senior White House correspondent and first-call standin-in for Dan Rather as Anchor on the CBS Evening News .... (Roberts, who, btw, i think is doing a kickin' job -- he at least does his best to kick that repulsive ari fleisher's propagandist ass)

did you know that:
    John Roberts used to go under the moniker "J.D. Roberts"?
    he is Canadian and hails from Toronto?
    he was a dee-jay on Toronto's CHUM-AM radio?
    he joined CITY-TV in Toronto as a music vee-jay?
    his first on-camera gig was as a co-host & interviewer for CITY-TV's "The New Music"?

but le piece de la resistance (not), is that:
    i was John's first-ever on-camera interview.

i was only 17, and promoting my first record on CITY TV's "The New Music"; before the camera's red light went on, he leaned forward, and told me i was going to be his first on-camera interview and that he was scared shitless... i, of course, having also never done any "on-camera" interview before in my life, was equally as scared, but instead patted his arm and said,
"let's pretend it's you and me talking and no one else is here....."

i doubt it was a great interview from both the question or answer perspective. we were media virgins. however, looking back, it was a refreshingly honest if not a rather naive admission to make to an interviewee -- and it put us on equal footing, no matter how shaky our balance must have surely been.

posted by voxpopgirl | 2/19/2003