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Saturday, February 08, 2003  

•• any ideas for the Tradesports/Iraq tv ad campaign? ••

a few of us here have dropped a shout out or two regardingthe previous Tradesports post (re: "•• the odds are even on iraq ••"), and smack has keenly pointed out that over at Tradesports, the heavy action seems to be on April 03; for when war begins in iraq, that is.

and this just crossed my mind, what with a few of us shout-outers participating here at voxpopgirl being intimate (for better or worse) with the jingle/advertising biz and kickin' out spots over the years that have blitzed the airwaves across N. America....

so -- stay with me -- what with the U.S. being the most comodified nation on the planet, and what with an administration full of hawks beating the war drums to "keep the peace", and that big ole' war with iraq looming on the horizon and in the headlines---

cuz hell, you know that all the cable news channels have been revving up and producing their Iraq "war campaign" ads (-insert your favourite cable news network name here-).....

they’ve probably all been sitting there months ago deliberating over the "war with Iraq" theme music for (1) the Bagdad bomb blitz, (2) the Bagdad ground war and whatever else war music they think they’ll need....

and do the brainiacs at CNN and MSNBC know that both camps came up with the same campaign war slogan: Countdown: Iraq?

meanwhile, the folks up at CBC Newsworld have finally come up with what they're gonna run with: Ultimatum: Iraq....

of course, once the countdown's done and the ultimatum is up, you know everybody's already got the name bagged for the next stage of the cable news war ads' campaign.

and speaking of the next cable news war ad campaign stage -- yesterday The Homeland Security Dept. announced that the "terror threat level" has been upped to "HIGH", the 2nd highest terror alert level (from "amber to orange), which had CNN upping their war campaign slogan to Showdown: Iraq (wanna holla out any possibilities here? go ahead and drop a shout out down below!)

the point being, that they’re all placing bets on some particular angle having to do with a war in Iraq -- it’s not just the regular everyday street peeps at Tradesports. nope, the big old pros in the media is where it's at; hell, they have to get into the action, cuz, it’s their business to have to “get it right” and anticipate where the story’s gonna break, when it's gonna break and what all the "angles" are gonna be that’ll help keep the most eyeballs locked on their cable news channel.

keeping all that in mind, my fellow ad whores out there -- you know it wouldn't be that much of a stretch -- what with Tradesports already doing big business online handling "trades" about....war! so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to soon see a whack of shiny hot new Tradesports ads slammin’' the airwaves, drum-thumpin', techno-tinged, hard guitars, stars n' striped sound track, and that movie trailer dude's voice buzzin' "you know who the winner is..."....

so here's where my voxpoppeeps come in -- ad pros and those who like to watch alike -- : anybody wanna wager a bet as to what the new spot will look and sound like?

chime in and drop me a shout out here as to what the •slogan• might be, what the •music• and •sound• design might be -- what the •angle• is and "who" the •target audience• might be... jump in and throw out your professional and couch potato best... for all we know, one of us ad kidz here might one day soon, be getting a call from Leo Burnett or BBDO to do just that.

posted by voxpopgirl | 2/08/2003