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Friday, February 07, 2003  

•• investigate m.j? d.a. in l.a. says ix-nay ••

in case you don’t read any of the Shout Outs to these posts.....(and you should cuz that’s where the fun exchanges and interactivity are taking place),

my fab friend jetfuel dropped a Shout Out to “••the many of faces of michael••” post... jetfuel writes:

“Tonight's 20/20 was the Nine Eleven of Celebrity documentaries. It'z precident setting. Who's next? What will MJ do?”

to which i replied:

“yes, it was a personal all-time crash of massive proportions for mj. now, if that isn't daring the l.a.p.d and prosecutors' office to get an immediate warrant and break down the doors at Neverland a.s.a.p., i don't know what is!”

well, apparently, the d.a. in l.a. thinks otherwise.

at least ---- for now.

posted by voxpopgirl | 2/07/2003