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Monday, February 03, 2003  

•• it's an "s" thing ••

why can't George W. Bush pronounce his words like other American citizens, some who haven't had the near same benefit of higher education?

he can't pronounce his "s's"... the *soft* and the *hard* "s" get mangled. hear me out:

with Bush, a *soft* "s" come out sounding like "sh"... so that if he said: "a 'just' war", instead of the word "just" being pronounced a "just" with a soft "s" before the "t", Bush incorrectly pronounces it as "jusht".

and then, if that's not bad enough, Bush does the weirdest pronunciation for the *hard* "s" that often come at the end of a pluralized word such as "pieces".

the "s" at the end of "pieces" has a slight soft "z" sound at the end of it; but Bush pronounces the *hard* "s" at the end of a pluralized word by using a soft "s".... so that the word "pieces", which should be pronounced as "pea-sez", gets incorrectly pronounced by Bush as "peacess".

Explain please? or rather, as Bush would say it: "Explain pleece?".

posted by voxpopgirl | 2/03/2003