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Thursday, February 06, 2003  

•• oligarchic plutocrats or plutocratic oligarchs? ••

i cannot believe this president is marching the country to a goddamn war. a seriously scary war. scary because the cia testified that only if saddam were attacked and provoked, would there then be the casus belli for saddam concluding he's got nothing to lose, and using wmd or chemical/bio warfare.

and did you see Bush today -- when Colin Powell came out first, followed by Bush, but then the ding dong up and turned on his heels suddenly, and left and walked through a doorway, and closed it? whatup with dat?

they want war, they'd planned for war with iraq before 9/11, and then god help us, when 9/11 happened, these bastards did what they always do, which is to push for the ultra-right neocon agenda they'd already decided upon, using the current circumstances as a pretext to push for that already determined agenda. whether it's a war, a tax "stimulus" plans, whatever. sorry, but even if you agree with some of the republican policies these guys espouse (crumbs of distraction to appease their loyal base), their actions regarding the war and how they've manipulated the american people and the rest of the world, is a serious indictment and indicator that if they can screw that many people over regarding something as serious as a war, then it's small potatoes when it comes to lying and bullshitting domestically --policy-wise/civil rights/you name it -- cuz any move they make is for nothing more than a power grab and the re-aligning of power in their favour, whether it's the world stage and rearranging the middle east, or at home, securing enough votes in order to stay in power so that they can keep on using the american government for their own financial gain around the world.

and god help us all, as these bastards seemingly are oblivious to N. Korea as they thumb their collective noses and surge forward with their nuclear program -- it makes me wonder if a war with NK isn't what these Bu$hoviks already have in mind as part of their new world order. it's almost unthinkable, but shit, they did put Korea into their little "axis of evil", so who knows. god help us.

posted by voxpopgirl | 2/06/2003