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Sunday, February 02, 2003  

•• they ain't in da house: Levin, Case, Isaacson and Turner ••

all is not the bomb diggity in the AOLTimeWarner crib......

[1] CNN parent company AOLTime/Warner's accounting practices have been under investigation by the SEC for almost a year....

[2] in early 2002, TimeWarner CEO Levin left AOLTimeWarner and was "replaced" by Parsons.

[3] about 7 months into it, AOL's Case steps down....

[4] 2 weeeks ago CNN's Walter Isaacson resigns....

[5] 4 days ago, AOL Time Warner posted the largest annual loss in corporate history. The company posted the yearly loss of nearly $100 billion.

[6] and, on that very same day, CNN creator Ted Turner resigns.

so wassup? could it be that Turner, Case & Isaacson know something we don’t? either way, the vibe ain't kickin', and i have a feeling we're gonna find out some more really really bad stuf.....

as CNN Moneyline host Lou Dobbs commented on that historic day last week Wed. Jan. 29/03:

DOBBS: AOL Time Warner today posted the largest annual loss in corporate history. The company posted the yearly loss of nearly $100 billion. It's roughly the same amount AOL paid for Time Warner just two years ago. Gregg Clarkin, it has been quite a journey.

CLARKIN: The company also announced that Ted Turner will leave the company, stepping down as vice chairman at the May shareholder's meeting.

DOBBS: (his head shaking) I don't know what to say about this one.

CLARKIN: A lot of folks don't.

DOBBS: Ted Turner, stepping off the same day as this announcement is being made. It's still unclear whether or not he's going to remain on the board and the company can't speak to this issue. This sounds like, if you will, trouble in River City.

CLARKIN: Absolutely, Lou.

DOBBS: Like you need more evidence of trouble in River City

CLARKIN: There is a statement from the company saying that Dick Parsons anticipates he'll be there. It sounds at this point they're very hopeful that he'll be there. Discussions are going to be held and are still undecided, unclear as to whether he wants to say.

DOBBS: Do you have the feeling that Dick Parsons must be really, really eager for this news all to get behind him?

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