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Monday, February 10, 2003  

•• WAR-ellian Doublespeak ••

in response to my post titled "Wall Street Journal: anti-war = pro-saddam" regarding the WSJ's recent headlines that continue to brand those who oppose war with iraq as being "pro-saddam", frequent voxpopgirl poster dc-hoe posted a shout out that merits posting here in the main body of these pages; dc-hoe writes:

"Not only that voxpopgirl but we're Neo Neville Chamberlain "appeasers", that's my favorite...Throw in that Bush is a "liberator" and we've got some great Orwellian language being tossed around in the public debate...Listening to Colin Powell on Meet The Press this morning, its clear that they haven't thought this through...He couldn't answer any serious questions concerning the cost of this war..."

well dc-hoe, Orwell might be rolling in his grave if he were to hear all this Doublespeak he'd originally written to represent the language of totalitarianism actually being used in the real world by the most powerful democracy in the world;

Re: "Neville Chamberlain appeasers" - that must be one of the new Bushovik/NeoCon "talking points" that Weyrich , Podhoertz , Kristol crew have been instructing all their BushBots to disperse into the media fray, cuz i just read that "Neville" allusion coming out of NeoCon commandante Richard Perle's mouth in this months' new The American Conservative mag, and heard it just this morning coming out of Fox News "anchor" Brit Hume's tight angry mouth...

gee, i thought Brit Hume and the Fox "News" peeps were supposed to be reporting the news, not shaping it.....

when one comes to think of it, who better than ex-Trotskeyites such as Kristol and Weyrich, or former to ”appreciate” the finer points of propaganda and mass manipulation by an elite few ideaologues in control of all the branches of government and the media?

*i'll post more about the AmCon mag's piece on Perle soon... it's an off the hook piece titled "Richard Perle Must Resign".

posted by voxpopgirl | 2/10/2003