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Monday, March 31, 2003  

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Scott Ritter's back. glad to see it.
new piece here. The moneyquote -- a rather "Ellsebergian" echo:
"It is too late for stopping the war, but we can change the government that got us into this war," Ritter said. "It is a dereliction of duty for us to not oppose this with all of our strength if this war is not justified."

oh and while Rummy's laying low ducking blows from Pentagon G.I. Joe's, the Bush admin marched out Powell to further amplify Rumsfeld's “Syria/Iran” warning from last week.

As Josh Marshall posits in his chilling and lucid new piece featured in the upcoming Washington Monthly, Rummy’s introduction of Syria and Iran into the Bush Admin.’s crosshairs, was intentional and part of the neocon plan; he suggests that even though it will “appear” to the Amerian people and the world that - just as many of those opposed to this Iraqi war forewarned -- this war might pull us into further conflict in the middle east and there is the potential for it to expand -- is exactly what the necons want. they need another casus belli.

The neocon objectives in this admin. seem eerily parallel to the goals outlined in Clean Break, authored by Perle and Feith, which state that Iraq is just a tactical “goal”. it makes you kinda queasy when -- if this turns out to be this current admin.’s intent -- one thinks about the deliberateness of the massive deception these men are pulling on their fellow Americans and the world at large. it’s revolting -- in every sense of the word.

Mickey Kaus recenty wondered why it was that, as the Washington Post reported, ”Rumsfeld actually cut in half the number of troops the Pentagon’s daring war plan called for”.

I'm almost certain he's already read it, but i took the liberty of firing off an email suggesting that all one has to do is take a look at pg. 11 of the New American Century boiz’ 1997 Playbook [PDF File] to get a closer look at the military gameplan:

ESTABLISH FOUR CORE MISSIONS for U.S. military forces:

[1] defend the homeland.
[2] fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars.
[3] perform the “constabulatory” duties associated with shaping the security environment in critical regions.
[4] transform U.S. forces to exploit the “revolution in military affairs".

if left up to these men in washington, Operation Iraqi "Freedom" is a necon wetdream about to come true.

posted by voxpopgirl | 3/31/2003