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Sunday, March 30, 2003  

••Right to Freedom of Speech co-opted••

MEMO TO HOLLYWOOD ACTORS: shut the fuck up.

UNLESS of course, the hollywood actor is a former President of the USA or leading spokesperson for the NRA.

That's what the The Citizens Against Celebrity Pundits and the Boycott Hollywood Project folks would like to make loud and clear. But the CACP and the BHP have upped the ante and stepped into a brand new area of "free speech": protesting against others who exercise their right to it -- if -- they have differing views.

their caveat: disagree with us, and suffer the consequences.

Sadly, their argument is that they -- and only they are "the American public" and that Americans speak with only one voice to the exclusion of anyone who dare speak out against that one voice.
We here at boycott-hollywood.us support the boycott of the following list of Hollywood Actors and Celebrity Musicians, etc.

These "Hollywood/Celebrity Pundits" need to realize that they do NOT speak for America.  They need to stop saying and acting as if they speak for the American public - because we are here to tell you YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US!

Currently, the Boycott Hollywood Project has listed the names of, and adding links to, 94 actors, directors and recording artists who have excercised their First Amendment right to speak -- not -- as the dimbulbs at CACP and BHP falsely claim -- " for America" and "the American public" --- but rather, on behalf of themselves.

posted by voxpopgirl | 3/30/2003