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Wednesday, March 19, 2003  

••a shout out right back to Antonia Zerbisias••

to my total surprise, voxpopgirl received a shout out in yesterday's Toronto Star column written by one of my fav writers and columnists, Media Critic Antonia Zerbisias, whose columns have always been linked in my side column under "Media Watchers". at the end of her recent column, she points readers to 2 very interesting blogs "from the Front" (Where is Raed? and LT. Smash) that were mentioned here in my previous post below.

so i just wanna throw a serious shout out right back to Ms. Zerbisias -- thank-you -- the webtraffic has been substantial and instead of the usual 10-15 hits per day, yesterday's hits were nearly 150 -- much appreciated!

and yo -- Canadian readers -- isn't her new national tv programme "Inside Media" on CBC Newsworld da bomb? She puts CNN and Washington Post "media critic" Howie Kurtz to shame.

for any regular voxpopgirl readers who haven't yet been privy to Ms. Zerbisias' work, definitely make sure to swing by Antonia's Toronto Star archives page or visit Common Dreams, BuzzFlash and Democrats.com, where her articles are published regularly.

also would like to send a friendly thanx to my pal Sandra in D.C. over at BushRant for the mention, and for in turn, hipping her readers on to Where is Raed?. i'm a regular BushRant reader, and Sandra's got it goin' on.

so hello and welcome! fellow Zerbiasias readers who are passing through... glad to meet other people who dig her work.... drop by often and don't hesitate to drop me a comment every now and then.

posted by voxpopgirl | 3/19/2003