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Wednesday, April 02, 2003  

••action transposed into words••

i am pro-troop.
i am anti-war.
the two are not mutually exclusive.

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i justed wanted to take a moment to send a shout out to my pal Sandra over at BushRant for giving me the heads up on a pattern she'd begun to notice both in the print and television media recently: when reporting news of "anti-war" rallies and "pro-war" rallies, some media outlets had taken to replacing the phrase "pro-war" with "pro-troops" thereby implying it was a foregone conclusion that to be against the war is to be against the troops.

subsequently, Sandra had enclosed a letter from Voice4change who had also recognized this and had organized a MEDIA CHALLENGE campaign which i took a moment to read, and then, quite honestly, forgot about.

to be frank, i hadn't noticed this sleight of language at all, and you have to know that i'm so plugged in baby -- too plugged in -- with the permanent glow from 3 tv's and a few mac's from room to room to room; i figured it must be the local news stations in those ah, "red states" in the U.S. which voted for Bush in 2000 and since i'm in Toronto, it'd be highly unlikely i'd hear local or national Canadian news media inject such an overtly partisan tone.

however after Sandra hipped me to it, i suppose the phrase nested itself in my brains' buffer zone, and there it lay dormant until i happened to hear CNN's Daryn Kagan report about "pro-troop" rallies and "anti-war" rallies during a live dispatch from Kuwait while Anderson Cooper was anchoring back in the Atlanta newsroom. and it pissed me off enough to remember the MEDIA CHALLENGE, so i fired off a quick email to Anderson Cooper that opened with the three lines at the top of this post enquiring when it had become the role of CNN or any news organization (other than Fox) to BUILD IN A BIAS and A CONCLUSION about what they were reporting?

to my surprise, not only did Anderson Cooper email me back within the hour with an assurance to pass it on to management, but 1/2 an hour later, to my astonishment, both he and Daryn Kagan were now reporting about the recent "pro-war and anti-war rallies" -- and so it continued to be reported that way from thereonin.

as i heard each new segment anchor read the "on the half hour" news summary, i couldn't help but think, wow..... i did that.

i emailed Sandra to share the glow and let her know she'd made a difference.

if you wanna try making some, go to BushRant, where Sandra has provided the pertinent link to the Voice4change MEDIA CHALLENGE page. you'd be surprised how good it'll make you feel.

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