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Wednesday, April 30, 2003  

••"Cockpit shenanigans... on the rise"••

Get a grip boys.
And girls.

That's right. Forget Newt's neocon antics at the AEI, the current SARS crisis, that 4.9 earthquake in Georgia last Sunday and the arrival of West Nile Virus season. Ease your seat back into the recline position and shift your gaze onto the glossy pages of the USA Today Travel section, and read all about the folks at Southwest Airlines;

An airline famous for being offbeat since they first "took off" back in 1971, with fab hotpants-clad flight attendants chosen for their sex appeal, baby; an airline, which goes as far as priding itself with this swingin' tagline:
"Southwest Airlines - Stocked with LUV:
At Southwest Airlines, we LUV to serve our Customers, and that's why our aircraft are stocked with LUV."

Can you feel the LUV?

In keeping with the mood, it seems some of their pilots have pushed the threshhold, dropped their drawers and upped the ante, so to speak, giving the hottie hostesses at Hooters Air a run for their money -- but the bosses at Southwest have radioed for an immediate if not unscheduled landing:

Cockpit shenanigans seem to be on the rise. Southwest Airlines has fired two pilots for allegedly turning their cockpit into a clothing-optional playpen.

The pilot and co-pilot — both men — were dismissed for allegedly taking off all or most of their clothes in the cockpit of their aircraft. The president of Southwest's pilots association, Capt. Ike Eichelkraut, would say only, "It's an internal matter."


But it's not a total nosedive for those Southwest fly-boys, as the USA Today writer assures us that:
While the incident occurred on a Boeing 737 in flight, there's no implication that safety was breeched. And a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman says there's no specific prohibition against flying naked.

Now fall to your knees in praise and thank the FAA, you cheeky cockpit captains.
And cash out those Southwest Rapid Rewards while you still can.

"I'm not aware there are any regulations on the type of clothing, so there's most likely none on (wearing) no clothing at all," spokesman Les Dorr says.

Well up, up and away boys: the sky's the limit.
And fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

posted by voxpopgirl | 4/30/2003