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Friday, April 18, 2003  

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as a first generation Canadian of Italian heritage on my father's side, and a little more Italian and Brit blood from my cockney-accented mum, my parents had my bro and i go through at least 2 of the motions of symbolic catholicism with baptism and confirmation more because of my Italian Nona who lived with us for the first 5 yrs of our lives and then lived nearby with our aunt and uncle until our late teens, although we were not a religious family of practicing Catholics.

my bro and i did have a short spell of time at a Catholic school from grade 5 - 8, but only because when we moved to our new home in the country, it was the only school around for miles and our cousins went there and our parents figured at least we’d have our cousins to hang out with and not feel so aliented having come from the city to the country;

and so began 3 odd years of screwed up nuns for teachers who were either totally bent on coporal punishment to the point of secret pleasurable sadism (the principal used to administer "the strap" to poor Patrick A. by standing on a chair and jumping off it using the weight of her body to full maximum benefit), or just the oddest birds in town - my science teacher Sister Louella’s lunch consisted of a collection of vitamins and other unidentified pills and a thermos of hot water since she was allergic to "everything except water". (?!)

it seemed my mum was marching up to the principals’ office every other week having it out with Sister Theresa, paticularly the week when she had an epic fit from my having told her that there was evidence in the dead sea scrolls that jesus had other brothers and sisters and so Mary definitely wasn’t a virgin...

I dreaded confessions for that 3 yr. period at St. Margaret Mary's... which seemed to be imposed upon us at school and during the school day -- no less! -- when the father would appear out of the blue and we’d subesquently be ceremoniously paraded into the principals’ office to “take” confession with a priest who could freaking see us, doing nothing more than slightly tilting his head away from any of us as we entered the room to go through the motions of “confessing”.

I recall feeling guilty that i didn’t think i’d done anything really bad to confess about, and so i’d make up stuff and lie outright about being bad -- i was so mortified at the thought of not having any “sins” to report about myself. ha. that's a laugh and a half.

Easter and any other holidays - religious and non - for my bro and my folks having nothing to do with religion and instead all about having a great excuse to get together and spend quality time with the people we love the most.

for those readers who are not religious, here's hoping you spend this holiday weekend with the people you love and that you do it as often as you can -- holidays or not-- and for what it’s worth to anyone reading this who is religious and celebrates Easter, Happy Easter e Buona Pasqua a tutti.

posted by voxpopgirl | 4/18/2003