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Tuesday, April 22, 2003  

••a little Dobbs'll do ya••

That's it. It's Official:

Lou Dobbs has tossed every last ounce of impartiality out the window when, in the 2nd last segment of his CNN program Moneyline on April 8, he announced that "Hanoi Jane is back in the news". That was the CNN "news" anchor's choice of words when "reporting" the headline news item about Jane Fonda's wicked commie statement to a Canadian audience in Vancouver that same day about the U.S. campaign against Iraq, when she said:
"What it's going to mean for (America's) stability as a nation, for terrorism, for the economy - I can't imagine........I think the entire world is going to be united against us".

Ms. Fonda then followed it up with the enemy-comforting-bordering-on-traitorous thought that, it frightened her but she wasn't sure what Americans could do about it.

Lou, Lou, Lou.... if CNN were still Ted Turner's baby, and Ms. Fonda was still Ted's baby, I'm just wondering... Lou.... would you still refer to your boss's wife as "Hanoi Jane" ?

I mean, i'm not questioning your right to question whether the story about Ms. Fonda's statements were newsworthy, but certainly you were interested in letting the story and Ms. Fonda's actions speak for themselves as opposed to, let's say, you shaping it? I mean, news is news, right? And it was only hours old, so you certainly felt it was important not to omit the story.... just your objectivity, right?

And speaking of wives and their actions, and about stories speaking for themselves on CNN.... how's your wife Debi doing since that little "episode" on Jan. 22 this year when she was arrested by the New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police at the Newark Liberty International Airport security checkpoint at Terminal C? Remember? You got that call on Wednedsday afternoon while you and the Moneyline producers were deciding on which stories were newsworthy for that nights' show?

And your assistant patched the call through to your personal line, and it was the Port Authority Police calling to say that your wife had been arrested for carrying a loaded .25-caliber semiautomatic handgun in her handbag while trying to board that Continental Airlines flight to Florida?

Setting aside that little blurb in those hot! hot! hot! Airline Industry magazines Airline Quality and
SkyGuide that "fly" off the nations' newsstands every 10 years or so, i just can't recall you or CNN having mentioned it. Ever.

Just to make sure i wasn't mistakenly accusing you of not living up to those fair and balanced journalistic standards your brothers-in-arms over at Fox News hold in such high regard, i did a "search" on CNN's website using CNN's Search Engine, and came up with NOTHING.

Gosh, the closest the news of your wife's arrest got to CNN was via a small mention 2 days later in that local paper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which is in Atlanta, which of course, is homebase to CNN.

But, i guess that's close enough, right Lou?

posted by voxpopgirl | 4/22/2003