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Wednesday, April 16, 2003  

••Teach Your Children Well••

Don't ask me why, as a liberal, i torture myself by subscribing to daily e-newsletters from hatemongering propagandists like James Taranto's Best of The Web from the WSJ's Opinion Journal or why i submit myself to much of the squalid screed found in Townhall.com's daily e-newsletters from the likes of David Horowitz, Anne Coulter and Michele Malkin.

Michele who -- you ask? Ahhh, dear voxpopuli... to not allow Ms. Malkin's words to speak on her behalf, would be to indeed do her a disservice.

"Brainwashing Pre-school Peaceniks" -- the title itself -- of her latest bombast -- should demonstrate to you just how demented distorted her worldview is.

Ms. Malkin delivers a tirade against professional educators' groups spreading:
"a very radical and dangerous curriculum to teachers and child care workers who, in turn, use it on our very youngest and most vulnerable children".

Good lord -- Ms. Malkin has unearthed a plot of prevaricators pushing a putsch by none other than those scandalous sirens of subversive thought: the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the group which oversees preschool teacher training, curriculum standards and daycare accreditation.

Quick! Blackberry-Memo to parents: Do you know where your children are?

And to which jeopardous extreme values, pray tell, might these impressionable pre-schoolers be exposed? Allow Michele Malkin to both ask and answer the question in a way that dares to denigrate you into believing you've been an absentee parent from the moment your infant popped out of your womb:

"What are you doing to protect your 3-year old from the radical antiwar agenda?"

What kind of an individual would think it was radical to be babytalking about peace? With a 3-year old, no less. Timmy, can you spell "v e r b o t e n" with your "building blocks of peace"?
Awww hell, why stop now? it gets even better:

"Aggressive efforts by blame-America educators to indoctrinate college-age students are well-known. But even toddlers are not safe from peacenik proselytizers.

Peacenik proselytizers bad. (Check).
Warmongers good. (Cheque please).

To live in Michele Malkin's utopian version of ennobled "learning", is to inhabit a terrain of coarse inelegant spread-eaglism, pre-schoolers flat-footed and flat-earthed into singing myopian paeans and praise to a macrocosmic cosmos where all conditions are set in stone, the outcomes pre-ordained, the truths fixed and final.

For Ms. Malkin to suggest that a teacher having an agenda about being in favour of peace is "radical", is for her to be as out of touch with reality and as extreme as any of the sophistry she pedals in her anti-pedantic rant.

It has me wondering if she is, alas, already non compos mentis.
-- god willing -- (as they say over there in the good old - er - brand new Middle East) -- i don't doubt that Ms. Malkin excercised her free will when she handed over her maleable mind, but would the Rightwing Pretty Hate Machine please return control of it when you find a moment to spare in between one of those wars you're waging or nations you're building? (Self-addressed stamp included, of course.)

Speaking of building..... in building her case against educators "look(ing) to alternative sources of information beyond the mainstream media", Michele Malkin sums up her view of the wicked "radicalization of preschool teacher training" with what she deems to be the most evil of childrens' games played and poisonous life lessons learned by these unwitting vulnerable victims:

"Welcome to the new preschool curriculum: play dough, finger painting and pacifism 101."

Remind me again, who's the radical?

posted by voxpopgirl | 4/16/2003