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Wednesday, May 14, 2003  

••Big Brother = Big Fun••

Speaking of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, here's a great video clip featuring the Daily Show's Steven Colbert, doing a segment on the "benefits" of the Bush Administration's Patriot Act, called "So You're Living In A Police State" * (22 MB - Takes a while to open, but well worth the wait. Requires QuickTime Player, available on all platforms)

And while you're waiting for the movie to load:
Here it is, (as Jon Stewart likes to say as he wraps up his show by replaying a segment of a clip from earlier in the show), your moment of Zen:

"But Steven", -- you're probably being recorded as saying -- , "doesn't all this government spying on our citizens mean losing our basic freedoms?"

Of course not: it means gaining limits on those freedoms, something Uncle Sam likes to call Freedom Plus.

posted by voxpopgirl | 5/14/2003