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Wednesday, May 14, 2003  

••Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls with Chris Matthews••

Did anyone happen to catch Chris Matthews on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week?

[Sidebar 1: for my European pals -- and that means you: IA in Sweden, and Pauline in London -- it's known as The Daily Show: Global Edition carried on CNN International],

[Sidebar 2: to my North American pals -- in these Bush-whacked times, what would we do without The Daily Show folks?].

There's no other way to describe Matthews' performance other than frankly, well, he was an asshole, an idiot, a lightweight, a loser, ummmm, a disgrace to his "profession"...

Shall i go on?

Did i mention Chris Matthews the Careerist? Jon Stewart asked straightforward questions, no-brainers and of course, political in nature; they merited answers worthy of coming from a person of Matthews' status as an inside-the-beltway political tv news person and pundit. And Chris, in an attempt to "fit the venue" as opposed to being what he's supposed to be (a news person/political pundit with an MSNBC primetime tv show about current political affairs called Hardball with Chris Matthews), was flippant, dismissed questions about whether he'd watched the first Democratic debates, and couldn't stop looking at himself in the monitor that was obviously not too far away from him; he was in one of those "trying-too-hard-to-be-really-cool" modes that makes you cringe; however, his body language betrayed his attempts at achieving cool status, in that he looked so uncomfortable... kind of dumpy, exposed with no desk to hide himself and his girth behind, fidgeting with his hands, crossing and re-crossing his legs, unable to kick back and kick it...

And then, before going to commercial, the interview closed on a note - a note and tone that Matthews set, and in one last attempt to be hip, fit the venue and kiss a little ass as well, he said,

"If i had a choice between watching (i think he may have actually said Walter Cronkite!) or watching the Daily Show, i'd watch you."

To which Jon Stewart, with a stunned grin that expressed his astonishment and disgust, said,

"that’s the saddest thing i’ve ever heard in my life".

'Nuff said.

posted by voxpopgirl | 5/14/2003