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Friday, May 16, 2003  

••voxpopgirl's lazy friday••

Had too much other cool stuff to do today, but i'll post some links to three guys that are well worth reading when you get a moment to kick back over da weekend:

Paul Krugman has a great piece in today's NY Times OpEd about Bush's "telegenic" campaign to fight terrorism, versus his real life failed campaign against the war on terror.

Slate founding Editor and a regular WaPo contributor Michael Kinsley's wonderful new piece called The Fabulist on Bush and his administrations' propagandists' propensity to lie and lie again about who his tax cuts help -- in his latest lie on Monday in New Mexico, it's "small businesses".

And last but never least, go visit Josh Marshall's Talk Points Memo and read his latest string of posts here, here, here and here on Texas state House Speaker Tom Craddick and House Majority Leader Texas R- Rep. Tom DeLay for having crossed an altogether different line in having tried "to invoke federal law enforcement officials to resolve a political, partisan dispute", by using the Homeland Security Dept. to round up and force the Texas state house Democrats back to Austin.

btw, freakin' eh and a warm welcome back to those renegade Texas state Democrats for kickin' it for 5 days at the Holiday Inn Express in Ardmore, Oklahoma just north of the Texas state line, putting them beyond the reach of Lone Star justice and of GOP ambitions and telling Tom Delay to put his gerrymandering where the Texas sun don't shine.

If only those Congressional Democrats had the same cojones. If only.

Have a great weekend, and to my fellow Canadian pals, have a relaxing chillin' Victoria's Day Holiday long weekend.

posted by voxpopgirl | 5/16/2003