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Monday, June 23, 2003  

•• A half truth is a whole lie ••

Last friday, my fellow blogger pal Matt posted at his wonderful blog Crookdimwit with a virtual shaking of his talented head that "Nearly half believe that the White House may have exaggerated fact, but they don't care."

I commented to him that perhaps at this point in time, Americans (according to those latest "polls"), might not care;

However, since the day that Shrub declared the war was over, an average of 1 bodybag a day returns from Iraq -- and we're at 50 51 52 53 dead americans in around 53 days as of today -- the cable news networks have been showing those fallen soldiers' mothers and fathers, heads bowed and sobbing as they're handed the folded American flag at their sons' funeral, and if the casualties keep mounting at this consistent rate, then i believe American's will find those currently "unimportant" little lies from the Bushies glaringly disturbing and not so easily dismissed or forgivable.

And what's absolutely heartbreaking, is when you go on over to the Washington Post's Faces of the Fallen page and take a look at the faces and names of the almost 200 American brave and very young soldiers who died needlessly -- in a mere 4 months -- for and because of George W. Bush's lies.

America may have "won" da war, but was there ever any doubt that the elephant wouldn't squash the ant?

That was the easy part for the most powerful nation on the planet.

The Bush administration bullshitted the American public and they bullshitted their sons and daughters' telling them it would be a "quick" war. Almost every day since the war was declared over by Smirky, CNN has been broadcasting yet another distraught soldier who's in shock about losing another one of his or her friends stating that he doesn't know why this is happening to them or why they're still there, and the next day we're seeing Wolf Blitzer over in the Middle East speaking with a really exhausted pissed off soldier who's saying he doesn't understand why he has to stay out there for another round of duty and he just wants to get back to his wife and kids.

Only this Friday on Imus, NBC's Tim Russert of Meet the Press said:

"Republicans [my emphasis] are concerned about occupation. Why? Because we are losing one American soldier a day over there and it's been 50 since May 1 when the President said the major military combat was over. That pace, that trend, that body count, if you really close your eyes and look up a year from now and the count is 300-400, that is a MAJOR problem."

Not one of those neo-imperialist bastards told the American people that winning the peace was gonna be an altogether different story.

And a half truth is a whole lie.

posted by voxpopgirl | 6/23/2003