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Monday, June 30, 2003  

•• My Comment System ••

The comment system i've been using ever since i began this blog earlier this year is known as BlogOut.

It's served this blog and all the voxpopgirl dwellers, lurkers and participants (including yours truly) well and i've met alot of kewl peeps via the "Shout Out" links at the bottom of each of my posts; however, for the last 3 days, BlogOut has been down and instead of those "Shout Out" links, a "Closed for Maintenance" link has replaced it, thereby allowing the small but loyal VPG readership no place to interact, react or simply act out ;-)

So, in the interest of providing an immediate alternative, i've decided to check out the HaloScan commenting system.

Unfortunately, in doing so, i've had to potentially lose all of the previous comments posted within the "Shout Outs" here at voxpopgirl -- that is, at least until BlogOut is back up and running, and at that point, i can choose to either go back to BlogOut, whereby all comments will be preserved, or alternately remain with HaloScan and try to figure out a way to import all the previous comments within BlogOut over into HaloScan -- or live the the possible reality that they will be lost forever out there in the ether.

In the meantime, i'd like to request 2 little bitty thangs from any VPG regulars out there:
[1] could you let me know what you think of the HaloScan commenting system, as compared to BlogOut.

[2] if anybody out there knows how to export comments from BlogOut into another system such as HaloScan, it would mean alot to me, as i would love to preserve all the comments and posts both positive and negative that you've all made up until this time.

Until then, keep it real.

posted by voxpopgirl | 6/30/2003