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Friday, June 20, 2003  

•• my kewl new cellphone ••

Lemme tell ya about my fun new cellphone. Dig the snaps i took with it this past Thursday night:

Tyler, Terence & moi @ Hugh's Room on Thursday

Over the last year or so, i've become fed up with my Nokia "accidentally" calling up people.... you know how it is: the cellphone's either in your pocket or in your bag, and it's on and somehow, unbeknownst to you, you've accidentally triggered one of the keys and it's inadvertently called up someone, who in turn, gets an earful of random noise mixed with whatever the hell it is you're doing or saying to whomever it is you're hanging with, which can prove to be awfully embarassing if you're not careful; i've been on the receiving end of those accidental calls as much as my phone's been guilty of randomly ringing up my friends and giving them an earful of gawd only knows what.

So i decided a flip phone would solve all my problems; well, not all my problems, but at least, all my cellphone problems.

Enter, my stylin' new Panasonic GD88, which along with it being very light in weight, has that prerequisite voxpopgirl "flip" with an single line led screen on the face of the flip so that when the phone rings, you can check out who's calling and decide whether you wanna go to the trouble of taking the call which of course, requires that you flip the lid to answer it; i'm definitely digging that.

It's also got a really bright full-on colour screen that's rather large and makes it easy to read whatever's on it, and a built-in voice memo recorder, which is handy as hell.

But what's been the most fun, is something i didn't even set out to get, which is that snazzy little built-in camera that took those pics up above. If you're taking pictures of someone, you use the actual colour screen as a viewer to frame your shot, before you take the pic, whereupon you can immediately turn around and email said pic to your friends.

Gawd i love gear.... ! and i set out to put it to use as soon as possible on Thursday when i went out to catch a gig that my friends Shari Ulrich and Arlene Bishop were doing at Hugh's Room here in the T-dot. Shari's set kicked and Arlene followed with a brill set as well. After the gig we were hanging, and that's about the time that i snapped the group shot of yours truly and my pal Tyler Smith, who got up and sang b.g.'s for Shari, and Terence Gowan, who was playing bass and adding b.g.'s that night for Shari and later on for Arlene.

So, and aside from the fact that one of them's a little fuzzy due to my hand not being that steady after a couple of Campari's & O.J., they came out pretty good for pics snapped on a dinky little cell phone.

Now, if only it could take videos...

posted by voxpopgirl | 6/20/2003