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Monday, July 14, 2003  

•• Memo to Dems: Fight Club, good; Losers, bad ••

Saturday's Doonsebury strip at Slate made a salient and apropos observation about the "difference" between Conservatives and Liberals. It was funny because it's true, as the conservative character tells the liberal in the strip, that,
"You liberals are hung up on fairness. You actually try tro respect all views! But conservatives feel no need whatsoever to consider other views. We know we're right, so why bother? Because we have no tradition of tolerance, we're unincumbered by doubt! So we roll you guys everytime."

Wherein at that point in the strip, the liberal listening to what the conservative has just told him, replies,
"Actually, you maked a good point", whereupon the conservative snaps, "See! Only a loser would admit that."

But there are indications -- oh please tell me this is just the beginning of more to come -- that the gloves are off; that the Dems are showing signs of life and may actually have a pulse, and might actually throw down the gauntlet and get back in the ring.

An article titled "Dems Attack Credibility of Bush" in this Sunday's NYTimes takes note that,
Democratic presidential candidates offered a near-unified assault today on President Bush's credibility in his handling of the Iraq war, signaling a shift in the political winds by aggressively invoking arguments most had shunned since the fall of Baghdad.

The DNC currently has this hard-hitting tv spot on the air titled "Read His Lips" and is seeking signatures for a petition that "demand(s) a full, independent, bipartisan investigation that will answer the American people's questions about Bush's statements and hold Bush and his administration accountable for all fabrications".

MoveOn.org working in tandem with Win Without War have started a site named MisLeader.org and have created an ad campaign titled "MisLeader" with an LA Times print ad [PDF File] and an equally compelling tv ad, for which they are soliciting financial contributions in order to pay for its airing, as well as soliciting signatures for a companion-piece petition to "Support the call for an independent commission to investigate the distortion of evidence to lead the country to war."

Go now, to sign the DNC petition and sign the MoveOn.org petition, and then go help the MoveOn and Win Without War folks to contribute funds that will help pay for airing of the MisLeader tv ad.

posted by voxpopgirl | 7/14/2003