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Thursday, July 24, 2003  


Saddam Hussein's sons were reported to have been killed by U.S. forces 2 days ago, or as Keith Olbermann announced on his MSNBC program Countdown, yesterday: "Uday and Qusay are ead-day".

Only yesterday, on the heels of this news, it was reported that two U.S. soldiers died in Northern Iraq near Mosul.

Just this morning, three more U.S. soldiers died in an attack on a convoy only 40 miles from where Saddam's sons were killed. They were from the same batallion that lead the assault that resulted in the deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein. Bloomberg News reports:

The incident brings to at least 158 the number of U.S. soldiers who have died in action since the start of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March. That is 10 more than the number of soldiers who died in combat during the 1991 Gulf war, according to U.S. Defense Department data.

More than a third of the casualties have occurred since President George W. Bush said ``major'' combat operations ended in Iraq on May 1.

And if this list of the total u.s and u.k. casulaties in iraq in alphabetical order doesn't break your heart i don't know what else will.

Well, perhaps this Army Times casualty list by date of "soldiers marines, sailors and airmen who have died" so far in Iraq will put a lump in your throat.

Or at the very least, this notice and this photo of 22 year old Army Spc. Jeffrey M. Weshow who was shot and killed on July 6 in Baghdad, will put things in their proper perspective.

You tell that to Spc. Weshow's parents.

Jeffrey was a weekend National Guardsman who had to say goodbye to his parents and family for the very last time ever, after he was forced to leave college only one day after Christmas, in order to head off to Iraq and "liberate" it.

Hands-on President?

Found on the White House website's "Behind the scenes: Official SOTU Preparation" page, this photo of the President's hands, his gold "W" cufflinks visible; The accompanying caption informs us that the President personally "reviews the State of the Union address line-by-line and word-by-word".

Sitting at his desk in the Oval Office, President Bush reviews the
State of the Union address line-by-line and word-by-word.

9/11 report: No Iraq link to al-Qaida

And this UPI headline from UPI Homeland and National Security Editor Shaun Waterman about the "9/11 Report" findings continues to help keep the heat on high flame under the Bush admin idealogues who pushed the case for a preemptive war on Iraq enough that 2/3's of americans were convinced that Iraq had links with Al Qaeda:

9/11 report: No Iraq link to al-Qaida

U.S. officials said Iraq was harboring an alleged al-Qaida terrorist named Abu Mussab al-Zakawi. But the government official who has seen the report poured scorn on the evidence behind this claim.

Included in the article, was this moneyquote:

"Because someone makes a telephone call from a country, does not mean that the government of that country is complicit in that," he told UPI. "When we found out there was an al-Qaida cell operating in Germany, we didn't say 'we have to invade Germany, because the German government supports al-Qaida.' ... There was no evidence to indicate that the Iraqi government knew about or was complicit in Zakawi's activities."

And last but never least, one of my favourite writers, the conservative journalist, war correspondent and middle east expert, Eric Margolis calls out Smirky, Condi, Cheney, Libby (Lewis) and Wolfowitz for what they are: "Liars of the first magnitude".

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