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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  

•• Supremely Offensive Prayer ••

Pat's massive prayer offensive

This is not to be believed -- except -- that is, by those True Believers: the 700 Club viewers and their beloved host, Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition and the Christian Broadcast Network, and parnter with Liberia's despot ruler Charles Taylor in a goldmine venture.

You'd think Pat's time and energies would be better served digging himsef out of Charles Taylor's back pocket rather than launching a "massive prayer offensive", as his online letter refers to it, towards something he's calling "Operation Supreme Court Freedom".

The "Operation" was kicked off in order to convice 3 Supreme Court Justices to quit. Or at least to pray "for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire".

Scrolling across the top of OSCF's page from right to left, is an electronic ticker tape displaying the names of all those people who have pledged their prayers so far. You'd think these people would be better served if they got up off their asses as starting praying for Dubya and the Republican controlled Congress to pass a decent Medicare Bill. Maybe that's why they can't get up off their asses.

Anyhow, Pat beckons his readers with this rational request:
"Would you join with me and many others in crying out to our Lord to change the Court? If we fast and pray and earnestly seek God’s face, then He will hear our prayer and give us relief."

And then, in a manouevre that's more offensive than the massive prayer that's attached to it, Robertson ups the ante in an attempt to hand over to his followers the practical reasons as to why it's time for these three particular Supremes to go:

"One justice is 83 years old, another has cancer, and another has a heart condition. Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire? With their retirement and the appointment of conservative judges, a massive change in federal jurisprudence can take place."

It sounds less like a prayer and more like a love bomb out of the universe; in otherwords, they're on the verge of keeling over anyhow, so why not do Pat a favour and help god give them that extra little push off the ledge and kill two birds with one stone? The "two birds" being "the tyranny of a nonelected oligarchy" -- the 3 Supremes -- and the other being the threat to the Constitution being "misinterpretted" by these 3 supremes' "distorted reading".

In return for their pledge of support:
"We can have a Court that no longer legislates from the bench the wishes of The New York Times and The Washington Post..."

Gee, i didn't hear Pat complaining in 2000 when that same Court was legislating from the boardroom the wishes, directives and interests of Karl Rove, Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, the RNC, the Miltary Industrial Complex, the NeoConHawks and Pat and Jerry's Christian crusade, to reverse the Florida State Supreme Court's ruling to count the votes, and instead select George W. Bush as the next President of the U.S.A.

Mercy, mercy me. Our loving and inclusive brother Pat, signs off with this inviation to:

"Please join us in prayer to support a massive prayer offensive that we are going to call Operation Supreme Court Freedom: praying for the future of America's Highest Court."

In keeping with the spirit and power of prayer, can we all bow our heads and pray for Janice O. - Witchita KA, Samantha K. - Waco TX, Sandra D. - ALexandra VA, Doris H. - Mobile AL and all the others to stop praying for the imminent "departure" of 3 human beings, and instead get a life?

Can i get a witness?


posted by voxpopgirl | 7/16/2003