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Thursday, July 31, 2003  

Teach Your Children Well

19 year old Royal Palm Beach High School student David McNamara from Florida has figured out his life's mission, bless the poor misguided bastard. Known as the "Anti-Porn Guy", Dave's got plans.
Big Plans for America.

Unfortunately, The Anti-Porn Guy's rules and ethics are on par with those of the Taliban. Is this kid for real? Judge for yourself.

I am also 100% against homosexuality and I believe homosexuals (including lesbians and bisexuals) as well as people with fetishes, ought to be put in mental hospitals. This must be done NOW, before they degenerate society and our children's morals even further. I also believe ANY children in the custody of homosexuals ought to be taken away IMMEDIATELY, in order to prevent further emotional and sexual abuse. DO NOT let your children near one of these vile monsters! Read the Fag Facts page to get more insight into the sexual habits of homosexuals and others of their ilk.

I also support a ban on interracial marriage. Any and all interracial marriages currently licensed should immediately be annulled, with any children born to said couple, allowed only to marry with other children of interracial couples.

The Anti-Porn Guy has a Prison Plan Proposal too.

•Prison cells will be made smaller. I would set this to approximately 1/2 of their average current size.
•Prisoners kept in their cells 24/7 (i.e. NEVER leaving their cell during incarceration). 
•Prisoners will only be fed bread and butter.
•NO contact with ANY other human being during incarceration.
•NO TV, medical care, or entertainment of any sort.
•NO sunlight will penetrate a prison cell.
•Disobedient or rebellious prisoners can be beaten by the guards as punishment.
•ANY inmate that attempts to escape will be executed on site.

I also believe police "brutality" is blown out of proportion and that mild violence towards criminals from the police should be accepted.

I believe in Singapore-style anti-terrorist legislation. I propose that anyone suspected of being a terrorist ought to be required, if necessary, to serve up to 5 years in prison without formal charges being brought forward. This will help stop the wave of terrorism sweeping America today.

Dave took a page right out of his high school's Dress Code when he devised his own "National Dress Code" proposal for America, or the "NDC" as he refers to it...
•All persons must wear clothing from their neck to three inches below their knees when in public or in the presence of children.
•Women MUST wear dresses. Trousers are NOT lady-like and therefore, women ought not to wear them.
•Jeans are to be banned.
•Any profanity or sexual references on clothing will be banned.
•Businesses must comply with the NDC. Failure to do so will require business owners to sell their operation to the highest bidder.
•Failure to obey the NDC will be subject to a fine NOT exceeding $10,000 and/or up to 30 days imprisonment.

It looks as if Dave -- should he ever graduate from the Royal Palm Beach High School -- is an ideal candidate for a cushy gig interning for that crusader of freedom of speech and the right to privacy, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. Of course, if that doesn't pan out, there's always room for him over at the goverment's *Total Information Awareness Dept. (TIA), pet project of former convicted Iran-Contra felonist and Bush Admin. appointee, John Poindexter.

*Note: TIA has scrubbed the "Total" out of the "T" and replaced it with "Terrorist" in keeping with the Bush Admin.'s "War of Terror" theme.

*Note #2: TIA also scrubbed it's very ominous logo which contained the TIA slogan: "Scienta est potentia," which is Latin for, "Knowledge is power." But you can find the original TIA logo and slogan here, thanks to The Memory Hole.

posted by voxpopgirl | 7/31/2003