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Friday, August 08, 2003  

Friday Fodder

Today's OpEd's worth checking out

Steven Martin's clever NYTimes OpEd demonstrates how incredulous the Bush administrations' artless lies are.

Paul Krugman's NYTimes OpEd on the coarse and heavy hand of the Bush ideologues' nationbuilding in the cradle of civilization, Iraq.

In other News, Not.

As usual, the U.S. news media outlets all but ignored or under-reported the news about a brilliant speech made by the Democratic party's legitimate voice of reason, Al Gore, you know, that dude who more Americans voted for back in the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. Even my fierce Buchanan loyalist conservative friend who works over at a popular MSNBC nightly cable programme emailed me yesterday with the subject title "I hate to admit it but..." and the line in the body finishing the sentence off with "Gore really nailed it in his speech yesterday". Whether you read it or watch it (Real Video), and whether one likes the man or not, he built that speech, it's ideas and arguments all to a brilliant and damning crescendo.

Gore came off not only not fake, but had clarity, certainty and confidence because he had the truth on his side.

He made the Cheney White House Cabal (cuz after all, that's who's really driving this thing and what it really is) come off like the un-American, un-Patriot gutting society that it is. They've sent honest men and women to their death for no good goddamn reason at all other than for their own personal profit blending together seemlessly with the razor sharp idealogical objectives, and that's what makes these bastards so damn unpatriotic, not only to their country but to their own damn Party.

If you wanna get your mind off the serious and slide into the mundane

On Google's homepage, one of the three links to the right of the empty box is called "Language Tools". If you click on it, you're taken to a page where you can search pages written in specific languages or located in specific countries; it also provides a simple translation tool that can translate text or very loosely translate a web page if you enter a url.

However, there's also an additional feature offered at the bottom of that page known as the Google Interface, where you can set the Google homepage, messages and buttons to display in your selected language;

They currently offer 90 "interface languages" offered, and once you select an interface language, you are taken the main google search homepage, except that it's now in the language interface that you've selected.

It seems the Google dudes have a cheeky sense of humour because upon close scrutiny of the palette of interface languages available one discovers some fun and wacky interace languages, such as "Elmer Fudd", "Hacker", "Klingon" and -- for those who find Latin such a dead language, there's always "Pig Latin" -- which would have come in handy the day the Uday and Qsay's demise was announced. If one is feeling sentimental and wants to revisit their childhood days with the Swedish Chef from the Muppets ("put ze cheeken in de oven") there's "Bork, Bork, Bork!"

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