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Wednesday, August 06, 2003  

Singing for Your Supper. Not.

Argh. there's nothing worse than "actor's who can't sing" -- that is, if you exclude "actors who can't act who can't sing", as in, William Shatner**.

A good example of a good "actor who can't sing" is Jeff Bridges, who put out an album last year with the eager title "Be Here Soon!" which garnered it's first and only single never to be heard anywhere in popular circles, "She Lay her Whip On Me" (scroll down near the bottom of Bridges' Amazon.com's page to hear it).

"She Lay her Whip On Me" had the additional embarrassing benefit (?) of having truly the worst lyrics imaginable -- a style of lyric not ever heard -- at least not to my ears -- in the 21st century professional music world: a style that leaned generously in favour of 13th century-medieval-madrigal-meets quasi-60's flower-child-on-acid.

And no amount of Pro Tools, autotuning, or production and bg's by Michael McDonald could save poor Jeff.

And let's not forget another soulful actor who thinks he can sing and write songs, Russell Crowe and his pet project band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts or TOFOG as he fondly refers to it.

I could so easily wander into the domain of "singers who can't act", like um, Sting or Madonna, or is that "single-named singers who can't act"? -- but i'll leave that up to voxpopgirl readers to chime in about in the comments window. Kevan? Mac? Clive? Mister Weisblott? Take it away.

**A shout out to Matt for inspiring this post, which I culled from a comment I'd originally posted over at his site, CrookDimwit, in response to his "the funniest thing" he'd heard all year/William Shatner post.

posted by voxpopgirl | 8/06/2003