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Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

Stop the cookies from crumbling

Last night's State of the Union address was pathetic and flat and offered no solutions to what Shrub will do for most American's other than his minority base.

Even Bush devotee pundit Andy Sullivan was aghast at how "hard right the president was on social policy". So much so that he wrapped up his post by stating that "If you're a fiscal conservative or a social liberal, this was a speech that succeeded in making you take a second look at the Democrats. I sure am."

In the meantime, take a look at this cool flash movie featuring the voice and visual facsimile of Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's, and founder of True Majority.

It's a fun and quick refresher course on what Shrubs' been doing to the economy, where the money's been going and how you can easily and handily help to effect a change in the direction of America's fiscal and social future by joining True Majority (for free, and they'll keep you're name private).

After you've watched the movie, consider signing up with True Majority, a non-profit grassroots education and advocacy project dedicated to monitoring what's going on in Washington and making every effort to make your voice heard in Congress on issues such as "social justice, giving children a decent start in life, protecting the environment, and America working in cooperation with the world community".

For a list of the business leaders, religious leaders, military advisors and entertainers supporting, advising and working together with True Majority, look here.

posted by voxpopgirl | 1/21/2004