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Thursday, April 22, 2004  

Ignore at Your Own Peril

"While choking on some alcohol...... Chance tries to say "Chance the gardener". Eve mistakenly interprets this as 'Chauncy Gardener'. Suddenly, Chance has a full name.

His only contact with the outside world has been through the countless television sets located all around the house.

This long term isolation might account for his rather low level of intelligence, about the same as someone who is mentally handicapped and/or autistic. He's as friendly -- and as dumb -- as a lamb, never fully aware of the events that occur around him.

Basically, Chance only talks about what he knows: television and gardening.

But everyone around him interprets this as his own personal philosophy about life, the economy, politics and love. Suddenly, Chauncy is the talk of the country, a recently discovered genius, and a much needed boost to the nation's morale.

Some people try to discover Chance's origins and true intentions, and completely miss the obvious.

Other people are simply happy to be around him, and soak up his simple and straightforward approach to life."

During what would become only his 3rd live televised press conference in the 4 years of his presidency, and coming at the end of the worst 2 weeks of American military casualties since the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq began -- with almost 100 Americans dead -- President Bush offered this insight:
"...we're a hard country to defend".

Chauncy Gardener is alive and well. And he's living in your White House.

posted by voxpopgirl | 4/22/2004