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Friday, November 10, 2006  


Sometime within the next year and a half, Dick Cheney will be replaced.

The White House cover story will be that Cheney is stepping down because of poor health (those multiple heart attacks will serve a higher purpose for the GOP's own survival -- unless of course, Cheney is replaced because he actually dies).

Yesterday, Cheney woke up with the proverbial dead horses' head in his bed -- and we're not talking about Lynn Cheney.

Yes, just like that, one of Dick Cheney's balls was unceremoniously cut off by Bush Daddy's big boys when his accomplice for American hegemony through military might was sent packing.

Now, it's true, that with even one ball left, a sociopathic sadist like Cheney isn't about to lay down and take it up the ass (unless it's from Rummy) without a formidable fight to the death.

But we should never, ever underestimate Bush Number One's consigliere and family fixer, James Baker, and the the surgical laser-like precision he will so deftly apply with extreme pressure and prejudice, to complete his mission.

It's only a matter of, on which day and in which month within the next year and a half before the end of Bush's term, we we hear or read about the "sudden" news.

The next question is, if this occurs, who do you think will be appointed to replace Cheney? Any Guesses?

Mine is: Condoleeza Rice. The GOP will be viewed as the having made a couple of historic precedents by having put forward a Woman -- and a Black Woman as Vice President of the United States of America. By the end of Bush presidency, the American people (in the eyes of the GOP) will have become both familiar and comfortable with the idea of a woman one step away from the Presidency, and she will be in the perfect position as a GOP nominee for President in 2008 -- as well as having acted as the GOP antidote to a potential Hillary presidential run.

posted by voxpopgirl | 11/10/2006