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Friday, November 23, 2007  

I Support the Writers Guild of America

It's simple: Without writers, actors have no lines. Without writers, networks and studios have no shows and no movies. Without the content that writers create, there is no Hollywood. Period.

So, why are writers fighting the big 6 studios?

A Simple Explainer from the WGA:

Why We Fight

The writers of The Office speak out from the picket lines in L.A.:

The Office is Closed

The Daily Show writer Jason Ross, one of the show's 14 writers, lays it out from the picket lines in N.Y.:

Not The Daily Show, With Some Writer

Let the Studios know YOU support the Writers' Guild of America.

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Friday, August 24, 2007  

Ted Nugent Threatens Hillary Clinton + Barack Obama

Apparently, about a week ago at one of Ted Nugent's concerts, someone recorded cellphone footage of Nugent wielding and waving what appeared to be machine guns in each hand on stage while threatening Democratic Presidential Candidates' Sen. Barack Obama & Sen. Hillary Clinton:

Nugent To Obama:
"I was in Chicago last week - I was in Chicago and I said, 'Hey Obama! You might wanna suck on one of these you punk!'

(unintelligable) ...Obama, he's a piece of shit and I told him to suck on one of these, so let's hear it for him.

To Hillary:
"When I was in New York I said -- I said hey Hillary, you may wanna ride one of these into the sunset you worthless bitch!".

Nugent then went on and 'suggested' that California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer "might wanna suck on my machine gun" and called out California's other Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein's name saying "Hey Diane Feinstein, ride on one of these, you worthless whore!"

Of course, when, or if, the media even gets around to asking Nugent about it, I'm sure he'll respond by saying it was "all in the name of entertainment".

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Friday, November 10, 2006  


Sometime within the next year and a half, Dick Cheney will be replaced.

The White House cover story will be that Cheney is stepping down because of poor health (those multiple heart attacks will serve a higher purpose for the GOP's own survival -- unless of course, Cheney is replaced because he actually dies).

Yesterday, Cheney woke up with the proverbial dead horses' head in his bed -- and we're not talking about Lynn Cheney.

Yes, just like that, one of Dick Cheney's balls was unceremoniously cut off by Bush Daddy's big boys when his accomplice for American hegemony through military might was sent packing.

Now, it's true, that with even one ball left, a sociopathic sadist like Cheney isn't about to lay down and take it up the ass (unless it's from Rummy) without a formidable fight to the death.

But we should never, ever underestimate Bush Number One's consigliere and family fixer, James Baker, and the the surgical laser-like precision he will so deftly apply with extreme pressure and prejudice, to complete his mission.

It's only a matter of, on which day and in which month within the next year and a half before the end of Bush's term, we we hear or read about the "sudden" news.

The next question is, if this occurs, who do you think will be appointed to replace Cheney? Any Guesses?

Mine is: Condoleeza Rice. The GOP will be viewed as the having made a couple of historic precedents by having put forward a Woman -- and a Black Woman as Vice President of the United States of America. By the end of Bush presidency, the American people (in the eyes of the GOP) will have become both familiar and comfortable with the idea of a woman one step away from the Presidency, and she will be in the perfect position as a GOP nominee for President in 2008 -- as well as having acted as the GOP antidote to a potential Hillary presidential run.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006  

Thank you, Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas is a national American treasure. She has served American citizens as a White House corresondent through 4 decades covering the making and unmaking of 9 American Presidents, beginning with President John F. Kennedy.

Shortly after a White House press conference with Bush where she asked him directly, the real reason why he took the country to war in Iraq, she was both showered with thousands of roses and inundated with hate mail.

Next month, she'll have something to say about the decline and state of journalism with the release of her new book, "Watchdogs of Democracy? : The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public".

46 years ago, Helen Thomas became known for closing the presidential press conferences with "Thank you, Mr. President".

On August 20 of this year, Ms. Thomas turns 86.

Let's give her a great birthday gift and make "Watchdogs of Democracy" a best seller by pre-ordering her book.

Thanks to John at Crooks and Liars for Hat tipping me in his post about Helen Thomas's new book.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006  

tick tock, baby

As a musician who appreciates a great pop melody and has focused most of my career on expressing myself in the alternative genre, I draw the line here:

BBC NEWS: First Notes For 639-year Composition

The first notes in the longest and slowest piece of music in history, designed to go on for 639 years, are being played on a German church organ on Wednesday.

The three notes, which will last for a year-and-a-half, are just the start of the piece, called As Slow As Possible.

Composed by late avant-garde composer John Cage, the performance has already been going for 17 months - although all that has been heard so far is the sound of the organ's bellows being inflated.

The music will be played in Halberstadt, a small town renowned for its ancient organs in central Germany.

It was originally a 20-minute piece for piano, but a group of musicians and philosophers decided to take the title literally and work out how long the longest possible piece of music could last.

They settled on 639 years because the Halberstadt organ was 639 years old in the year 2000.
That BBC article was first published in 2003.

The 639 year old Organ in the 956 year old St. Burchardi church.

A recent search at Wikipedia discloses that since January 5th of this year, the organ in the town of Halberstadt has been playing a three note chord: "A" below middle "C", "C" above middle "C" and "F-sharp", which will conclude on May 5, 2006.

Additional notes and chords will be added on July 5, 2008, November 5, 2008, February 5, 2009, July 5, 2010, February 5, 2011, August 5, 2011, July 5, 2012, October 5, 2013 and September 5, 2020.

The performance is planned to continue until September 4, 2640.

I'd like to go on the record and say that the people of Halberstadt must be one hell of a patient lot, as will have to be their children, and their childrens' children and...

Only 634 years left to go.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006  

One Way Ticket to Darfur

This is a laugh and a half...

It seems the king of gimmicks and ridicule just got a great big good one thrown right back in his face.

E&P reports:
NEW YORK In a postscript to his regular New York Times column on Tuesday, Nicholas Kristof reveals that he has raised almost three-quarters of a million dollars from readers to send Fox News host Bill O'Reilly to troubled Darfur.

Kristof, embroiled in a public feud with O'Reilly, launched a pledge drive recently with this end in mind, and reports today that he has been "deluged by 6,675 pledges, averaging a bit more than $100." The grand total comes to $727,568, "so Mr. O'Reilly will be able to fly first class with the very best satellite phones and fill his water bottles with San Pelegrino."

O'Reilly has called Kristof's pledge drive "simply a gimmick, a ploy, to bring my name to his passion."

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Monday, January 16, 2006  

Million Dollar Baby

On Vincent Gallo's website Merchandise page, among other things for sale besides his "Vincent Gallo Childhood Nixon campaign pin & autographed box" ($250) and "Vincent Gallo Limited Edition Jew'ls: Diamond Heart Pendant" ($10,000), he is also making available, for the asking price of $1,000.000: "Vincent Gallo's Sperm".

His advertisement features a Black & White drawing (in succession, from left to right) of presidents' Nixon, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and -- yes, Vincent Gallo -- conveniently making the case, however unintended, that since the emergence of Nixon from that murky Republican primordial swamp, it's all been downhill.

Nonetheless, Vincent Gallo is a picky donor and selective breeder:

Mr. Gallo maintains the right to refuse sale of his sperm to those of extremely dark complexions. Though a fan of Franco Harris, Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz and Lena Horne, Mr. Gallo does not want to be part of that type of integration. In fact, for the next 30 days, he is offering a $50,000 discount to any potential female purchaser who can prove she has naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who can prove a direct family link to any of the German soldiers of the mid-century will also receive this discount. Under the laws of the Jewish faith, a Jewish mother would qualify a baby to be deemed a member of the Jewish religion. This would be added incentive for Mr. Gallo to sell his sperm to a Jew mother, his reasoning being with the slim chance that his child moved into the profession of motion picture acting or became a musical performer, this connection to the Jewish faith would guarantee his offspring a better chance at good reviews and maybe even a prize at the Sundance Film Festival or an Oscar.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006  

When The President Talks To God

A performance by Bright Eyes on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

American readers can download a free copy of the song from the U.S. iTunes Music Store.

Canadians can purchase the Import CD "The First Day of My Life" at the Canadian Amazon.com which contains the song.

When the President Talks To God

When the president talks to God
Are the conversations brief or long?
Does he ask to rape our women's rights
And send poor farm kids off to die?
Does God suggest an oil hike
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Are the consonants all hard or soft?
Is he resolute all down the line?
Is every issue black or white?
Does what God say ever change his mind
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Does he fake that drawl or merely nod?
Agree which convicts should be killed?
Where prisons should be built and filled?
Which voter fraud must be concealed
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
I wonder which one plays the better cop
We should find some jobs. the ghetto's broke
No, they're lazy, George, I say we don't
Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke
That's what God recommends

When the president talks to God
Do they drink near beer and go play golf
While they pick which countries to invade
Which Muslim souls still can be saved?
I guess god just calls a spade a spade
When the president talks to God

When the president talks to God
Does he ever think that maybe he's not?
That that voice is just inside his head
When he kneels next to the presidential bed
Does he ever smell his own bullshit
When the president talks to God?

I doubt it
I doubt it

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Monday, May 16, 2005  

azerbic: Toronto Star Launches Blog with Antonia Zerbisias

I haven't posted here at voxpopgirl for over 4 months because I've been happily waist-deep in the work I love, however, the following news is well worth blogging about.

At long last, Toronto Star columnist and media guru Antonia Zerbisias has her own blog, aptly named azerbic.

Canada's highest circulation newspaper has chosen to enter the fray of blogging and has officially launched it's first blog with Zerbisias at it's helm.

Zerbisias has been a columnist with the Star since 1989, first as their TV columnist, then as their Media columnist where her pieces have been linked to across the web by bloggers both left and right, quoted by other prominent media watchers the likes of Danny Schecter, and reprinted at media sites such as Poynter.org, Truth Out, and Common Dreams.

Antonia's earlier views on the blogosphere can be found in a 2003 piece at ASC Annenberg's Online Journalism Review in good company together with her fellow peers and media critics MSNBC's Eric Alterman, the Village Voices' Cynthia Potts, and Slate's Jack Shafer.

You can also find out more about Antonia at Counterbias.com's "Eight Questions with..." interview, as well as clicking on her "About Me" page at azerbic.


In the interest of full disclosure: as a longtime Zerbisias reader and fan, I finally decided to tell her just that and emailed her my regards a year and a half ago; she replied back, and from therein began our still evolving friendship; I consider Antonia both a trusted friend of whom I can count on to tell it like it is; she also happens to be a great listener as well as a wise and cheeky gal, generous with her sage advice and humourous quips.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005  

A Man-Made Tsunami

Monty Python alumn Terry Jones is right:

Of course it's wonderful to see the human race rallying to the aid of disaster victims, but it's the inconsistency that has me foxed. Nobody is making this sort of fuss about all the people killed in Iraq, and yet it's a human catastrophe of comparable dimensions.

According to the only scientific estimate attempted, Iraqi deaths since the war began number more than 100,000. The tsunami death toll is in the region of 150,000. Yet in the case of Iraq, the media seems reluctant to impress on the public the scale of the carnage.


I haven't seen many TV reporters standing in the ruins of Falluja, breathlessly describing how, in 30 years of reporting, they've never seen a human tragedy on this scale. The Pope hasn't appealed for everyone to remember the Iraqi dead in their prayers, and MTV hasn't gone silent in their memory.

Nor are Blair and Bush falling over each other to show they recognise the scale of the disaster in Iraq. On the contrary, they have been doing their best to conceal the numbers killed.


What is so odd is the way in which so much of the media has fallen into line, downplaying the only authoritative estimate of casualties in Iraq with the same unanimity with which they have impressed upon us the death toll of the tsunami.


So, are deaths caused by bombs and gunfire less worthy of our pity than deaths caused by a giant wave? Or are Iraqi lives less worth counting than Indonesian, Thai, Indian and Swedish?

Why aren't our TV companies and newspapers running fundraisers to help Iraqis whose lives have been wrecked by the invasion? Why aren't they screaming with outrage at the man-made tsunami that we have created in the Middle East? It truly is baffling.
Read Terry Jones' piece in total in the Guardian here. (Hat Tip JJ ).

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Friday, November 05, 2004  

Animal Farm

Once the minority of [the] House and Senate are comfortable in their minority status, they will have no problem socializing with the Republicans. Any farmer will tell you that certain animals run around and are unpleasant, but when they've been fixed, then they are happy and sedate. They are contented and cheerful. They don't go around pissing on the furniture and such.
-- Grover Norquist, rightwinger and president of Americans for Tax Reform, gloating to the Washington Post's Richard Leiby, November 5, 2004

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Two Nations -- Under God -- Divisible

Only in America could someone win by less than than 1 percent and say that he had a mandate from the country.
-- Andrew Vachss, Nov. 4/04 Salon.com


We've won. Winning means not having to say you're sorry... Those who didn't support Bush can go and perform a certain anatomically impossible act. They lost, now they can sit in the back of the bus. Thank God Almighty.
-- Adam Yoshida, Nov. 3/04


Last night, the voice of the people was heard. I promise not to imitate it, out of respect for the mentally retarded. -- Lewis Black, "Correspondent" for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Nov. 4/04

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Thursday, June 03, 2004  

Maher's Attacks

Bill Maher, comedian, host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher", and astute observer of all things ironic, was last night's guest for the full hour on Larry King Live.

As usual, he hit a couple of home runs answering viewer call-in questions:

CALLER: A question for Bill. Bill, it's been reported that Saddam Hussein's handgun that was taken off of him when he crawled out of his hole over there is now adorning the walls in the Oval Office. What's your opinion on something like that?

LARRY KING: I think it's in a side -- private room off the Oval Office.

BILL MAHER: well, Bush said he'd disarm Sadaam. We thought the weapons would be a little more substantial than that.

That's typical of President Bush -- the symbolism, not really policy stuff but the symbolism.

What I'm more concerned about is his dog is also on Lynndie England's leash. And that, I think is very disturbing.

Cut to the last caller's question, which was pretty funny in itself:

CALLER: Hi, Larry. Hello, Bill, how are you?

MAHER: How are you doing?

CALLER: Good. Thank you. You're super.

If you were given the opportunity to become president today, what are the three major problems you would take care of immediately -- aside from Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice?

KING: We have 45 seconds. Three problems, solve them, president Maher.

MAHER: Well, first of all, it's safety. I mean, President Bush is running on the idea "I have made you safer". Just those pictures from Abu Ghraib Prison have not made us safer.

I heard him say today, "well, our critics say we stirred up a hornet's nest, that nest was already stirred up".

To a degree that nest was stirred up.

But if millions of young Arab men now say "I'm going to sign up for Jihad, because this is exactly what I thought would happen: the Christian Army would come over to Iraq and take pictures of us and point at our wieners, and now I am going to war" -- that's how he's made us safer.

KING: On that note, thank you, Bill. President Maher speaks.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004  

Summer Slowdown

Some voxpopgirl readers have probably noticed that it's been a little dormant around here lately; i'm as energized and interested as ever in politics, however, i'm even more energized and interested in what i do for a living and have been focusing on just that for the last month.

What with an important American election this November and an even more important one for me -- a Canadian election recently announced that is just around the corner on June 28 of this year, i will definitely continue blogging -- however, for the next month or so, it cannot be at the expense of writing and producing music - which as many of my T-dot readers know, is what makes me get up in the mornings -- or, should i say -- is what makes me get up in thelate mornings, when the muse taps my shoulder, and all i can do is follow and dust for her my creative fingerprints, no matter the hour.

So, forgive me for what will be my more than occasional blogging absences over the course of this summer, however, please feel free to keep in touch via email, or via my comments' window, here at VPG.

I'll be back to my regular blogging habits again this fall, and hopefully, i won't have lost your patronage by then :-)

In the meantime, check out some of the newly added blogs i've included in the right hand column of this blog, under the header "Blogs From The Front".

I particularly dig e-rocky-confidential; written by an ultra cool military dude named Bryan, stationed in the thick of it in Iraq, at a base next to the airport in Baghdad;

He's a progressive and a hard-working soldier doing his best to make do, considering the circumstances he finds himself in, not to mention being a rather good diarist and observer of the realities and ironies of life in the sandbox known as Iraq:
The scenery varies according to where you are. It's at least as true in the States as it is here, you know? Find yourself in one of nature's gorgeous panoramas: pick a direction and go a few miles, and you'll soon run into a strip mall full of pawn shops, gun stores, junk yards, and topless bars, with trash flying around in the parking lots and snot-nosed shoeless kids running around in front of board-windowed shacks out back. Go another few miles, and there's a meticulously landscaped corporate campus nestled against a golf course.

The fact is that I've seen very little of Baghdad. I've seen the bombed out airport because I'm practically right next to it. I've seen some pieces of highway at high speeds, and it hasn't been much of a surprise: there are trash-strewn ghettos here, magnificent monuments there. Sounds like St. Louis, right?

Every place has its own unique character, but it's also true that there are commonalities. Every city has its gated communities and its slums. American cities all have their American-ness, but you also hear people say, "oh, such-and-such American city has such a European flavor," or that some far-flung place has an American flavor. Most of San Antonio feels like Mexico. Victoria, British Columbia, is said to be more English than any place in England. It's interesting for me to hear people say, "I can't believe what we saw on that convoy-- this country smells like shit!" Hey, guess what: there are places in America that smell like shit. Ever been to a landfill?

Be sure to rummage through Bryan's archives and start from the beginning to get a more complete picture of an American soldier who, when he's not busy being a "rear gunner" on the back of a Humvee or his units' IT guy, spends his spare time listening to Radiohead's "Kid A" CD and reviewing Iraqi bootleg DVD's of "Kill Bill, Vol. 2" and "The Passion of The Christ" -- "Tarantino is a genius, and Gibson is... Tarantino is a film-making genius whereas Gibson is a film-marketing genius, and that's all I've got to say about that."

e-rocky-confidential also has a comments' system which Bryan reads, and he's open to friendly chat as well as the occasional care packages.

And, lest we all forget about Afghanistan, take a visit and read Kandahar Chronicles, and read "the ongoing story of the day-to-day life of an MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) Field Logistician based in Kandahar Afghanistan", written by a Canadian named Carlos who has been there since August 2003.

Read about Carlos' experiences, day-to-day observations and his compassion, frustrations and contributions working together for and with a people who have lost everything and yet continue to never give up. On Feb. 24 of this year, Carlos' nine and a half months of duty were up and he left Kandahar to move on to other parts of the world where he wants to make a contribution.

Don't let that stop you from jumping back into his archives to start at the beginning of his journey together with him as he entered a part of the world which his parting observations describe so poetically and lovingly, and which clearly demonstrate how dearly he cherished Kandahar and her people:
Kandahar is a jewel left in the elements too long. Like the beautiful little girl with the scarred face I met a lifetime ago, enchanting and heart breaking. I thought of her on the drive. Why couldn’t I find her again? Take care little angel, for you life can only get better.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004  

Ignore at Your Own Peril

"While choking on some alcohol...... Chance tries to say "Chance the gardener". Eve mistakenly interprets this as 'Chauncy Gardener'. Suddenly, Chance has a full name.

His only contact with the outside world has been through the countless television sets located all around the house.

This long term isolation might account for his rather low level of intelligence, about the same as someone who is mentally handicapped and/or autistic. He's as friendly -- and as dumb -- as a lamb, never fully aware of the events that occur around him.

Basically, Chance only talks about what he knows: television and gardening.

But everyone around him interprets this as his own personal philosophy about life, the economy, politics and love. Suddenly, Chauncy is the talk of the country, a recently discovered genius, and a much needed boost to the nation's morale.

Some people try to discover Chance's origins and true intentions, and completely miss the obvious.

Other people are simply happy to be around him, and soak up his simple and straightforward approach to life."

During what would become only his 3rd live televised press conference in the 4 years of his presidency, and coming at the end of the worst 2 weeks of American military casualties since the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq began -- with almost 100 Americans dead -- President Bush offered this insight:
"...we're a hard country to defend".

Chauncy Gardener is alive and well. And he's living in your White House.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004  

Show Us The Jobs

Check out the new and very effective tv ad [RealVideo] launched by the AFL-CIO as part of an 18-city "Show Us The Jobs" Tour that's taking place across the U.S. starting today.

The ad is made up of a series of back and forth cuts between Bush's "jobs" rhetoric from his State of the Union address against three real life laid off people giving actual testimonials which show that Bush's policies have certainly not helped them.

I just saw it on CBS during Letterman a moment ago, right after the segment Letterman does every night called "The George W. Bush Inexplicable Laugh".

Watching that clip of Bush's shoulders jerking up and down as he cackle-laughs for no good goddamn reason, back to back with the AFL-CIO ad of those blue collar and middle class laid off workers telling their gut-wrenching stories really sends home what a freaking loser the U.S. has for a "President".

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Thursday, March 25, 2004  

"So Help Me God"

“I welcome these Hearings because of the opportunity they provide to the American people to better understand why the tragedy of 9/11 happened and what we must do to prevent a re-occurence.

I also welcome the hearings because it is finally a forum where I can apologize to the loved ones and the victims of 9/11.

(Turning around to acknowledge the surviving family’s of the 9/11 victims seated behind him)

To those here in the room,
to those who are watching on television:
your government .... failed you,
those entrusted with protecting you .... failed you,
and I .... failed you.

We tried hard.
But that doesn’t matter, because we failed.
And for that failure, I would ask, once all the facts are out,
for your understanding,
and for your forgiveness.”
And with that, former White House Counter Terrorism Chief Richard Clarke who served under three Republican presidents, one Democratic president and voted for George W. Bush in 2000, became the first and only government official ever, Democratic or Republican, to apologize to the families of those who lost their loved ones on that tragic morning on Sept. 11, 2001.
[Real Video] CSPAN link titled "Sept. 11 Commission Hearing - Day 2, Afternoon Session"

9/11 families gathering around Richard Clarke to thank him after completing his
testimony at the 9/11 Commission Public Hearings

posted by voxpopgirl | 3/25/2004

Wednesday, March 24, 2004  

Reclaiming the "L" word

Only in America -- the U.S. in particular -- has the word Liberal been so slammed and denigrated that it somehow connotes something shameful and subversive.

Bullshit. It's time to take it back and wear it with pride, folks. Hell, up here in Canada, it's the name of the party in power.

And speaking of liberal, only 1 week left until the new liberal talk radio network Air America Radio comes to the U.S. airwaves;

Among the six 3 hours programs airing each day, Al Franken's noon program will be running opposite former big fat but still idiot, Rush Limbaugh's show. In a tongue-in-cheek effort both "annoy and bait'' Bill O'Reilly and hopefully propel his program onto the centre stage by getting sued by that weasel, Franken is naming his show -- "The O'Franken Factor". You gotta love it.

Here's Air America's summary of Franken's show:
The O’ Franken Factor: 12:00-3:00pm
After debunking right-wing propaganda in his bestselling books Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, Al Franken is taking the fight to America's airwaves--and he's doing it drug-free. With his co-host, veteran radio personality Katherine Lanpher, Franken will deliver three hours a day of fearlessly irreverent commentary, comedy, and interviews. Franken and Lanpher have a mean streak a smile wide. The O'Franken Factor will energize fans, infuriate liars, and deliver the truth--in what Al Franken likes to call the "Zero Spin Zone".

Janeane Garofolo's going to be handling the evening shift with a show title that's aptly named "The Majority Report", reminding democratic listeners that it's high time they remember their rightful place in the political landscape.

Rapper Chuck D's show "Unfiltered" will proceed The O'Franken Factor, or "The Factor" as Al likes to refer to it, ahem, and well know liberal radio personality Randi Rhodes follows Franken from 3-7pm.

Although there's no news on their site about streaming audio and satellite radio broadcast, i read an article a week ago noting that there will some be access to streaming audio broadcasts online.

For more info about shows and start times, go here and subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop and make sure to spread the word to all your friends.

As Franken recently said in this New York Times article, "This territory has been ceded to the right way too long,'' he said. "We're going to take it to them.''

Mark a big bold X on your calendars for March 31.

Viva les Liberals!

posted by voxpopgirl | 3/24/2004

Friday, February 20, 2004  

Has He No Shame?

Ralph Nader is jumping into the Presidential race, according to this Fox News article. He's to make the formal announcement on this Sunday's MTP. Unlike the 2000 presidential race when he ran under the Green Party mantle, this time he'll be running as an independent. Shame on Ralph Nader.

Judging from the results so far in the last 18 Democratic primaries and caucus contests, Democratic voters appear to be united in their desire to get rid of Bush and have made "electability" their prime objective.

However, it's the Deaniacs, those Democrats who have either felt disenfranchised or new voters who have never before participated in the process and were inspired to do so because of Howard Dean who are potentially up for grabs and currently "electorally homeless" if not already feeling displaced after Dean's withdrawal from the presidential race.

Assuming that Dean was true to his word when he said that "the most important goal remains defeating George W. Bush in November, and I hope that you will join me in doing everything we can to support the Democrats this fall", alot of the heavy lifting will be up to Dean to undertake the task of hammering home the message to his "followers" that there is more to lose by not sublimating their emotional connection and ideological purity and subsequently migrating on over to Nader, rather than aggregate their collective energies to instead focus on the greater imperative and common good: uniting.

President Clinton recently said that when it comes to casting their vote, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that:
"Democrats always want to fall in love with a candidate, and Republicans just want to fall in line. We've got to fall in line with whoever our nominee is."
There has never been a more compelling reason and consequential time as right here and now for progressives and Democrats to fall in line. Somehow, i have a strong gut feeling that this time around, America's Democrats are keenly aware of this.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004  

Killing the Music?

Tell me this is not a dead-on take of the White Stripes:
WHITE STRIPES (The Greek Theatre): After watching this show, I was a bit confused! The two of them are at such different musical levels, they sometimes seem like they're in two separate groups. For instance, the girl seems like she's doing perfectly fine drumming in her Half-Retarded Make-Believe Band. And then he has to spoil it all by playing loud, proficient rock and roll over it!
But that's the point: it's undressed down to the bare bones of what matters most: the song and the authenticity of an unvarnished performance. Jack and his songs rock in all their gutteral rawness.

In other music-related news, taking direct aim at the FCC's attempt to loosen media ownership rules and articulating how media conglomeration has adversely affected music and the music business for both artists and consumers, Recording Artists' Coalition founder Don Henley tells it like it is in today's Washington Post.

posted by voxpopgirl | 2/17/2004